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From UFOs to FOs...

Back around mid-November I listed the unfinished objects I had going at the time. Feels good to say a lot of them were eliminated or completed over the winter holidays!

Here's an update on what happened to some of them:

  • slippers from 'unknown fibre' yarn (no designated person yet although they are a ladies' size which would fit me :)
     I decided to frog these because I couldn't make sense of the directions after the section I had finished. Not a huge deal, this yarn will become slippers again at some point.
  • whippet hood (second one for one of my sister's dogs)
    Finished and delivered!

  • sock (for my 11 year-old - this sock has been to many baseball games and dentist appointments - I went full-force on it so there are only about 3 inches or so left before the toe begins!)
     Done and already posted about!
  • grey kimono wrap (had a lot of trouble with the lace pattern so it's terribly flawed, but it's mohair-type yarn and would basically be garbage if I tried to frog it, so I'm going to finish it and accept its flaws)
    Nope, couldn't accept its flaws!  I ended up binding it off and taking a page from my bestie's book - turned it into a very nice pillow for our bed. I sewed a liner out of some nice silky grey fabric and filled it.




  • half-crocheted dishcloth - Finished!
  • many cut-out pieces of fabric for various sewing patterns - This is where I made the most progress. I was pinning and sewing for days!
    This is one of the projects, pictures will be coming for the rest (one's a birthday present for my sister so I'm not showing it yet, and some are not yet completed).
    These are drawstring bags made from upholstery fabric sample books, and miscellaneous pieces were used for the strings (bias tape and rickrack). Super cute! 


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