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Shed Converted to Greenhouse

A few years ago, we decided our spider-infested and roof-rotting shed needed a new use.  

Since we love to have homegrown vegetables and plants, we invited our bestest buddies over once we removed all the siding/roofing.  With superhuman strength, we lifted it over to a sunnier location and used plastic which had been given to us to cover the entire structure.  My dad ensured less loss of heat by installing boards along the top. He also gave us an old cupboard door to use as a window which can be propped open when it's very hot.





He also put in a door, installed plywood on the north side and front as plastic does not last forever.  Lastly, he installed some leftover tin roofing on the north side to ensure the plastic will never need to be replaced on another portion of it.







This is definitely my favourite recycled/upcycled item - every piece of it is made from scraps or leftovers or items given to us - and just look what we can produce!!




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