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Plants vs. Zombies Birthday Party

Our son turned 7 this summer and what better way to celebrate than a Plants vs. Zombies theme? Parents who hadn't heard of this game probably thought we were nuts, but hey, so what else is new?

Festivities included reusing a small screen door (which hubby made a couple of years ago when our son was a screen door zombie for Hallowe'en) - the game consisted of one kid holding up the screen door and all of the other kids throwing water balloons at the screen door. Worked well, kids got wet. Another game used a broken lawn chair covered with a picture of a zombie - kids threw water balloons through the paper, destroying the zombie.






Wall-Nut Pinata










Hubby's Plants vs Zombies Marshmallow Shooting Game (knock over the characters using a piece of pipe and blowing a marshmallow through it)











Decoration - this zombie was printed out and taped onto a cardboard cutout we had used for a party a couple of years ago












T-shirts for the birthday boy and his brother (iron-on transfers)








Gotta have the cake...









Why not have two?











Goody bags...and try not to dream of zombies.


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