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Minecraft Birthday Party

Our eldest turned 12 last week and he is into the Minecraft craze, so the theme for his party was obvious!



He created the invitations himself from papercraft found online. We used the same images to create magnets out of printed photo paper. The images were cut and had magnet tape attached to the back.




Since my husband had never created art with vegetables, we cut a potato stamp with a creeper image and stamped brown paper bags for the goody bags.

The bags contained Minecraft-themed foods like sticks, TNT and cookies.







 For the kid party, my husband created the cake, which required two layers of chocolate cake, green icing for grass blocks, blue raspberry Jello and slicing up licorice babies to resemble squid. He used graham wafer crumbs for the sand.

For the family party a couple of days later, my son decorated cupcakes with creeper faces and used paper wrappers and more papercraft in keeping with the Minecraft theme.

He showed off his display of papercraft, which includes a fishing rod and three-dimensional sword.


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