Crocheted Dachshund - Fawn (Custom Orders Available)

Dachshund Fawn
Dachshund Fawn2Dachshund Fawn3

Handmade with care, this fawn-coloured dachshund appears to inquire if you will play?  

Crocheted with black yarn for the nose and satin yarn for the body, this item is stuffed with polyester fibrefill.  The eyes are embroidered with black yarn.  Dachshund is 10" from tip of tail to top of head and is 4.75" tall at the head.

Custom orders, including colour options, are available upon request.  As the pattern evolves, custom item may not be exactly as pictured. Proudly handmade in Canada!

Weight: 5 oz
Dimensions: 10 in × 2.5 in × 4.5 in
Price: $40.00