Featured Card - Floppy Nostalgia

I was cleaning out old information and came across a floppy disk.  

Pulled the metal off because I like to play with the plastic that holds the data, then thought it would be fun to recreate a disk in card format.

The full description of how the card is made can be found here.


Knitted Sock Obsession

I've been knitting socks for my boys over the past few months.  This has involved some obsession about making them the right size.  I'll give the guys credit, when I say "let me see your foot for a second," they just sigh and hand it over.

The other day we went to the Canadian Museum of Flight.  En route, I was working on a sock (of course) and realized I needed to measure before beginning the toe decrease.  I asked hubby if he had a ruler on his phone off chance, but no.

Crafting 'n' Stuff

I've been in one of those creative slumps for the past month or so - a recent trip to one of my favourite craft stores resulted in a new paper punch, some fun cupcake wrappers and some colourful eyelets, as well as excitement to try these out.

Kaz's New Origami Available (Donation to Ucluelet Aquarium)

Kaz continues to make origami with all revenue donated to the Ucluelet Aquarium.  He's more than 50% to his goal!  

Please check out his newest creations, which are worth reading for the descriptions alone!

A Nifty Little Upcycled Knitting Bag

At some point I was given some books of fabric samples.  Today I was inspired by my son's homework (with regard to an artist who was constantly creating) and made this nifty little bag out of two pieces of fabric samples.  

It's just a quick stitch together with a black ribbon drawstring and it's the perfect size to hold one of my most recent cast-ons, socks.

It's probably best not to get me started on my current sock obsession.

10% Off Handmade Recycled Valentine's Day Cards January 27 - February 6th

Valentine's Day Cards are discounted 10% until February 6th!

Please enter code V0001 at checkout to receive a 10% discount on Valentine's Day cards.  Don't forget 15% of revenue from all cards is donated to the Surrey Food Bank.

Fleece Balaclava for Kids

In preparation for my son's first winter camp, I made this yesterday - a fleece balaclava. 

It could not have been simpler, I didn't even use the template (Canadian Living's Fleece Balaclavas) except to eyeball the shape, and it probably only took about 15 minutes to make.

I'm thinking of sending the carafe out for hire, as it made such a lovely model!!

Featured Cards - Vintage Valentines, Repurposed

Well, as much as it pains me to say it, these vintage valentines are from when I was in elementary school!  Being a sentimentalist, I hung onto them for years without knowing what to do with them.  

They have taken on a new form as cards with various recycled embellishments.

Click here to see these and other new Valentine's Day cards.



More Chairs

We found that after a few months of using the chairs, they were starting to sag in the middle.  I don't even want to talk about how the spills and how the fabric was starting to tear!!

The solution?  Adding boards under the stuffing.  Three down and three to go - got to use up two different fabrics from my stash so far.

Gotta say, I'm loving the floral!  And so is Jupiter.

Crocheted Purse Completion

T'was the week before Christmas and vacation had started - what better time to finish a purse?

In the summertime, I made this purse for my grandmother.  My mom liked it so much she requested one - but with more specifics in terms of colour, width, strap length etc.  

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