Warm Socks with Thrift Store Yarn

And they're done!  

Took a few months to make and a lot of baseball practice sitting, but my older son's socks are finished!  The yarn is a nice grey shade of washable yarn found at the local thrift store by hubby.  Despite the fact it's nice and warm today he's wearing them to school.

I won't be making this pattern again, I wasn't happy with the heels on either of these, nor the way the tops stretched out somewhat despite being directed to cast on loosely.  Ah well - now I can start another pair!

Sewing Book Review - Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders

For my recent birthday, I was fortunate to receive many crafty-type gifts.  One is the sequel to One-Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker & Patricia Hoskins,

The Accidental Beret

A lovely lady who was watching over the crafting table at our church yard sale gave me a bunch of yarn the second she found out I love to knit/crochet.

I had thought of a few things to do with the new stuff, and as I haven't done any projects for anyone outside family for a while, decided I would make some children's hats.

Found the pattern, found the hook, went to it, realizing far too slowly that I probably should have thought about checking yarn weight/gauge (simply based it on the feel of the yarn).

Free Shipping until May 31st!

Free shipping is available for cards from May 18th-May 31st, 2012!  Don't forget about upcoming birthdays, baby showers and Father's Day!

Please enter code FREESHIP at checkout or drop me a line for custom orders/out of country shipping requests.

Socks Completed!

These socks have been many places with me over the past four months - birthday parties, get-togethers with friends, the Vancouver Aquarium, many car rides, the backyard, a bunch of ball games, the Canadian Museum of Flight for measuring and a bunch of other places I can't recall.  They were also the inspiration for a little sewn knitting bag.  

Featured Card - Birthday Candle Card for Kids

Lovely blue cardstock was the jumping-off point for this ocean-themed birthday card for kids created last week during a fit of gluing googly eyes on all kinds of neat card embellishments.

Check out this card and other new cards - feel free to leave your comments below or drop me a line!

Old Crafting Books

I LOVE looking at old crafting books.  Not like 80s old (too scary) but anywhere from the early 1900s to 70s.  My MIL's friend gave me a couple of really cool McCall's crafting books a while ago, and I just love flipping through them - in fact, I flagged a bunch of projects to make.  These are from the 1960s and I love how a lot of the classic sweater styles really stay classic.

Featured Card - Get Better!

Recycled from greeting cards and embellished with ribbon, you're sure to make someone's day with this adorable cat wishing you better! 

This card was created during my songfest the other night - please leave a comment if this happy cat brings a smile to your face too.

How do you make time for crafting?

It's tough - between work, kids, cleaning, school, family events, sports and whatever else life throws at you, when is there time to craft?

I almost always carry a sock in progress now.  I'm still self-conscious about it and don't always take it out to work on when at meetings or waiting here and there, but I'm always thinking about it.

I try to have one night per week where I get about an hour to create something uninterrupted - tonight it was some new cards.  I put on some great music and cut, glued and sang away.

Cuffs Completed!

A couple of weeks ago I finished the fingerless gloves/cuffs for my mom, aren't they cute??  She loves them.

I was super happy with how they turned out, so practical and warm but with those lovely fancy lace edges.  I actually didn't want to take them off so will probably have to make a few more pairs.

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