Alternative to Plastic Produce/Grocery Bags

It's been nagging at me for some time - the fact that I don't have any reusable bags for purchasing produce.  It also doesn't hurt that I've been reading Plastic Ocean.

I found this fabric in my stash a few weeks ago and decided it would be perfect for sewing bags to keep with our canvas shopping bags.  As you can see, I plan to make a bunch.

First Lemondrop Moon Donation to Surrey Food Bank

I'm thrilled to say that I made my first donation (an accumulation  of the 15% of recycled card sales since Lemondrop Moon went live in March 2011) to the Surrey Food Bank!  Thank you for your support!

8" Squares Wool Blanket Completed

I mentioned last week I had come across some crocheted squares.  

Apps for Crafting

Well, it's official - I'm using apps these days on a tablet, and now on a phone.  It's a whole new world of knowledge!

So far I've found apps for Pinterest and Etsy.

What do you use for knitting, crocheting, sewing and crafting apps?

Cardigan in Progress - Puccini Yarn

Yes, it's summertime - but I love working with this yarn! I'm working on a cardigan (from Knit Simple Workshops) with Puccini yarn (from Italy, Wool, Cashmere & Nylon).  The first image is the correct colour, the second image is the same yarn but the colour looks funny( I'm getting used to using a tablet camera).  It's coming along at 8" othe back, with 20" to go.

Sundries at Burnaby Village Museum

Of course I had to share this photo of Bell's Dry Good store taken at Burnaby Village Museum last week - note the lovely fabrics and yarn itching to be bought and used!


Just had to share this photo of strawberry jam made yesterday with local berries.  


Summer Card Crafting

Although it's been difficult to be inside when it's so gorgeous and warm outside, I did manage to make some cards this summer.  Here are some of my favourites (not in the store as they're already gone):

Monopoly Board Game Themed Birthday Party

A few months ago, my oldest son decided he wanted to buy Monopoly.  We went to a few thrift stores and he scored one for a few bucks.  My youngest son immediately started playing Monopoly ALL THE TIME.  

Summer Knitting Inspiration

The kids think I sign them up for the summer reading club at the library so I can enrich their vocabularies and ensure their brains don't shrink with no school over summer vacation.  That's part of the truth!  Really, I just need a weekly excuse to go through the crafting books to see what's new.

I love to take books out of the library to a) look at the pictures b) gain inspiration for new things to make c) learn about new techniques.

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