Evernote Knit-Along

I joined my first knit-along last week!  It's not too late to join here - there are six patterns to choose from and a great community of knitters/crocheters.

As you can see, I was pleased with the result of my Flapper Hat!  You can use the free Red Heart pattern if you join the knit-along.  I used Red Heart for the red and some confetti-style yarn I've had around for years for the extended brim.

Childhood Teddy Bear = Vintage Crochet Toy

I lament on occasion (ok, frequently) that everything I had as a child is now 'vintage.'  This includes one of my favourite childhood toys, a crocheted teddy bear my Aunty Anne made for me since I was a little girl.

Do you have a favourite childhood toy?  Leave a comment to share what it is!

Why Greeting Cards with Recycled Stuff?

Lately I've been thinking about how Lemondrop Moon came to be and why it is important to me to continue making upcycled cards.  I read my original post about this and the reasons have not changed, except that I feel more conscious about making use of recycled materials.

Crafting Inspirations

I could probably spend 99% of my time in the virtual world looking at knitted projects, home decor, crocheted things and basically everything on Pinterest.  But that probably wouldn't go over too well with my day job(s).

My two favourite finds from September:

Hallowe'en Greeting Cards

A few weeks ago I came across some orange paper and some Hallowe'en-y type things; Hallowe'en Fright and Hallowe'en Birthday were created.  

Fall is in the air!

Veggie Pot Pie

Dinner always tastes better when my little guy punctures the crust before baking and my big guy makes the innards!

First Knitting Project as a Child

My mom taught me to knit.  I don't recall exactly how old I was, maybe 7 or so? My first project was for my Pound Puppies, who came in cardboard boxes (definitely not warm enough).  

I had pink and green yarn  and did straight knitting first in pink, than green.  There may be a few holes here and there, but I was very proud of it, especially with a successful yarn colour change.  Stitched it up and ta da - a little doghouse for my puppies!


Fall Crafting

Well, as much as we hate to admit it, the weather is growing cooler.  I actually love this time of year - I love every time of year, so I"m not sure what that says.  A few weeks ago I was noticing an increase of Hallowe'en stuff on Pinterest and thinking "nope, too soon." 

However, here's a sneak peek at what emerged during today's card-making session...

Cell Phone Case

Having recently gotten a new cell phone, I needed a case so it wouldn't get trashed inside my purse.

Sewing Merit Badge Sashes

My son wrote me a note several months ago and left it by the sewing machine.  "Please make two things like for my Cubs badges."  Yesterday ended up being a sewing day so I knocked them off my list.

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