Completed Socks!

After joining us at many baseball games, family parties, dentist appointments and general waiting around, my older son's socks are completed!  Yes, the striping was meant to not quite match :)  The pattern is from Betsy Lee McCarthy's book "Knit Socks! 17 Classic Patterns for Cozy Feet." So happy these are completed! On to the next..

I Thought I Saw a UFO

I was going through my UFOs this past weekend. Inspired once again to finish some of them, here are some of the projects I have going:

Crocheted Headphone Covers

Yesterday I was listening with this - one trashed foam cover, the other missing. But today...







Blue covers - mismatched, yes, but I love blue and these are made with sample yarn. I made an expanding circle in single crochet, then crocheted two SC together to tighten the edges around the back of the headphone.

 Today I'm rocking out in comfort!

Plants vs. Zombies Birthday Party

Our son turned 7 this summer and what better way to celebrate than a Plants vs. Zombies theme? Parents who hadn't heard of this game probably thought we were nuts, but hey, so what else is new?

Upcyled Tea Tin

Duck tape + tea tin = new look!

My first attempt with Duck tape. A cute pattern, need to be careful around the edges but overall I'm happy with how it turned out!

Crocheted Whippet Take 2

Say hello to our little friend! This custom order was completed a few weeks ago. The pattern is coming along nicely and got a few more tweaks along the way.

Portable Shopping Bag

Very over the rainbow with the gingham print, I cut the pieces out for this project back in January. Quite easy to sew, I learned how to make a French seam and ended up with this cute portable shopping bag for my purse! The pattern is from One Yard Wonders.

Recycled iPod Case

The 10-minute recycled iPod case! My son recently obtained a used iPod for using with Laser Tag guns. He also recently went on a school trip and had it along for taking pictures. My husband gave him a little case which came with a small digital scale. The case served its purpose but was far too large so I made a few tweaks - cut off the right side and used that piece as a strap with some velcro.

Morning Sewing

As spring has arrived, I find myself less likely to sleep too late - something about the birds chirping, dreaming about getting my hands in the dirt and thinking about all the stuff I'd like to do with a few days off.

This morning I finished my sister's cell phone case (matches mine!). As always, the fabric has seen other uses and the tie is vintage taffeta bias.


It has been exciting watching things begin to grow as the West Coast grows warmer.  Our windowsill is full of seedlings that are becoming less leggy ad more strong. Our oldest boy is planting a garden as part of his Cub badge and it has been fun to watch the squash and radish seeds take off.

I'm most excited about the brussels sprouts in the picture, although my sister calls them 'acid balls' I love them and have had no success in the past growing them.

Anyone else out there obsessed with dirt/planting/transplanting right now?

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